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Dave G.
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I am an aspiring author living in FL.
Hello all, I'm sorry I haven't written ANYTHING lately. I've been VERY busy with my new job. I'm doing fine. I haven't died... yet. XD
I was looking over the old Secret Society book and I realised something. I NEVER GAVE VLAD VOLKA A THEME SONG!!!!!! HOW COULD I BE SO STUPID?!  That's why I need your help. I'll give you his bio in this entry(you can write fanficts or draw him if you want, but he officially belongs to my friend Hannah Jennings(and in part by me since I made him first)) and then a selection of songs that I think would suit him well. If you have another song in mind, comment on it please so I can look it up.

Vlad Volka's original name was Jason Cobra. He was a normal teenager with an abnormal upbringing. He was abused as a child by his two fathers(one his biological father, the other his step-father). His first father was an adulterer who constantly abused his wife for not being beautiful, and Jason for being a broken-condom child. They eventually divorced and she married her second husband who was worse. He was a drunk and did far worse to Jason. He would break bottles and use the shards the cut scars across his body. He would make tribal sort of tattoos. Eventually a heavy lock was placed on his door to prevent this.
Jason was always in trouble in some form or another. It was either vandalizing someone's house or starting fights. He nearly got involved in a local gang when his maternal grandfather, Nathaniel "Stony" Tweed, had him come visit every week. He was a World War 2 veteran and was given two Purple Hearts for his service in both the Eastern and Western Theatre. Years of age made him blind, however. After a while Jason was guided down a better path in life. He straightened out and did everything he could better his education. He eventually met his best friend, Nate Slate, and his girlfriend and love, Amy Fyre.
The week before he was to graduate, his coach/"adoptive father" gave him a Ford Charger for congrats. Then later that night Nate invited him over for a party at his house. Jason arrived and had some fun. Towards the end of the party a girl asked him to dance on the balcony. He accepted and did so for a few minutes. She then bit him on the neck and injected vampire "venom" into him. She then called him Vlad Dracula. He thought she was crazy and tried to leave the party. As he did, he was grabbed my another girl and was kissed hard. He gives into the kiss and then she bit him on the other side of the neck hard, pulling of a little skin and injecting in werewolf "venom". She then called him Fang Volka. He got away from her and stumbled around weak. He then fell and rolled under his car conked out.
The next morning he woke up to find that the bites weren't there anymore. He dismissed it as a dream caused by spiked punch. He rolled out from under the car and got in. He put in the key and turned it. Once he got it started the key broke in his hand. It was then that he realised that he wasn't quite human anymore. He drove as fast as he could possibly go and was able to avoid traffic expertly. He even gave the cops a run for their money. They never caught up with him because he lost them in the forest. He then ran home at a MUCH faster rate than he did driving and didn't even break a bead of sweat.
He was so elated that he told his girlfriend Amy about his transformation. Instead of being scared or happy for him, she tried to kill him because she was a paranormal hunter. He was forced to run away. But before he left he went to see his grandfather. Nathaniel gave him his Colt 1911 and a Purple Heart. Jason then ran away and changed his name to Vlad Volka. After a few weeks away he found out that his whole family died because they knew him. During that night he paid his respects and overheard some bikers disrespecting them. Filled with rage and sadness, he killed them all with his bear hands. He took the leader's jacket for himself as a prize. He was then introduced to a werewolf Alpha named simply, Jackson. He was told that he was a "Hybreed" an extremely rare and powerful creature that is part werewolf and part vampire. As a result, he now has three souls in his body that all contend for dominance over it. Jason was then told to take revenge on everyone in the town, which he almost did.
For over two months afterward the Black Pack went on a rampage of killing with Vlad as their Beta male. It all ended for Vlad when He killed a young girl in blind rage. His human side took over and forced himself to abandon the pack. He then met Lady Ashe Dracula, the daughter of Count Dracula himself and leader of the Dracula Clan. She seduced the vampire in him and had him do the same things he did in the Black Pack. She blew it when she revealed herself as the girl who bit him first. He left that group as well and traveled the world alone. He discovered more about himself during that time and learned different things about his heritage.
He settled for a time in Russia and made good friends with the White Pack and their Alpha, Silke Dragovich. He eventually left and settled in Ireland for a little. It was there he discovered a vile creation called WX239; an experimental wolfsbane that could kill any werewolf in minutes. He was able to escape and free many werewolves but one was injected with WX239 and was nearly completely dissolved  by the time they escaped. A week later he was "called" to somewhere. So he swam the Irish Sea and ran hundreds of miles to find Churchill, a town surrounded by a dense forest called the Secret Society. It was there when he met Balise Pryde, the Alpha of Lupus Pack. They quickly became friends and allies in a war that quickly consumed the area. He quickly finds out that Amy Fyre, Jackson, and Ashe Dracula are involved in the war as well, but on opposite sides. He also finds out that Amy became pregnant while Vlad was away. He manages to make her fall in love with him again and he takes her "captive".
But during one fateful night, he lost his love at his own hand(it's complicated) in order to kill Jackson and end the war. But their child was birthed before it died. He named his daughter Hope Amy Fyre. He then had to give his child up to a human family in order to protect her. He now commands the former Black Pack and tries to find a away to bring his girlfriend back to life so he could marry her.

That's the jist. Now here's what I had in mind of his theme. Again, if you have suggestion other than what on this list, comment.

  • I'm Still Here(Jim's Theme)- John Rzeznik
  • You Can't Take Me- Bryan Adams
  • Bring It- Trapt
  • Hero- Skillet
  • Monster- Skillet
  • Animal I Have Become- Three Days Grace
  • This Is Home- Switchfoot
  • Bad Apple
  • Me Against The World- Simple Plan
  • Moon Trance- Lindsey Stirling
  • Monster(DotEXE Remix)- Nightcore
  • Through Fire And Flame- DragonForce
Let me know what you think. Thanks!
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